St. Joseph’s Parish Boyle

St. Joseph’s Parish, Boyle

“Parish Pastoral Council: At a recent meeting thanks was expressed to all who helped organizing Fr. Tito’s farewell gathering.
• We also talked about the gable wall of the Resource Centre, the backdrop for the Statue of Christ the King. If anyone has any thoughts or ideas we invite you to submit them.
• We also talked about our Church and Parish and where we are. This was with a view to an upcoming Diocesan conversation re: ‘Faith and Future’.
• AGM of St. Joseph’s Parish Hall: The AGM of St. Joseph’s Parish Hall will take place in St. Joseph’s Hall on Thursday 20th February at 8p.m. All are invited to attend.
• Lenten Retreat in Galilee Centre will be given by Carol Barry on Saturday 29th February beginning at 10.30am and concluding at 4.40pm Cost €30 including lunch.
This retreat day at the beginning of Lent offers an opportunity to pause and enter more deeply into the season through the lens of living through love.”