Roscommon Herald – 1st March 2016

This week’s Herald properly devotes several pages to articles and detailed analysis of last Friday’s General Election
Christina McHugh (editor): “There is no doubt that elections are brutal battlegrounds. Whatever shade of political opinion you are, you have got to respect those who put their name on a ballot paper and open themselves, and their families up to a rollercoaster ride.” “However the advent of social media has also meant that is also about posting words that are, in some cases, full of venom. This is the nasty side of social media and it appears to be getting worse.”
John Mulligan: “What shape will the new Dáil take?” “… it will be interesting to see whether the promises and rhetoric come to anything …” “We have three TDs on our payroll now and the need to put all differences aside and work together for the best interests of this community”
Icing on the cake for Murphy: “In what was a battle of epic proportions Fianna Fáil’s Eugene Murphy won a seat in the Roscommon Galway constituency, holding off a serious threat from Fine Gael’s Maura Hopkins until the eighth and final count.
Frank Feighan: “Outgoing TD Frank Feighan calls for Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil to form a government in the interests of stability”

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