Roscommon Herald 19th April


This week’s articles of particular interest to readers in the Boyle region of north Co Roscommon.

Page 1: “Response times for ambulance critical.” 63,89% of ambulances in the Roscommon, Galway, Mayo area reached patients in cardiac or respiratory arrest wiithin the 80% target of 19 minutes. [realboyle: ¬†How many patients were dead when an ambulance got there?]
Page 1: A boundary meeting between the Athlone Boundary Committee and Roscommon Co Cllrs will be arranged in the coming weeks
Page 2: Resticted use of hairdryers and greying hair are mused over by editor Christina McHugh. [realboyle: She doesn’t refer to ‘hair today, gone tomorrow’ :-)]
Page 6: Keadue services for older people are saved
Page 7: Roscommon Hospital has 11 staff vacancies | You must make your mark on Sunday 24th (Census 2016)
Page 11: Premier of the Myles Dungan Show in King House 1916 ‘The Count, The Countess & The Tommy” – Friday 20th May
Page 12: Recruitment opens for Defence Forces
Page 18: Ardcarne to remember 17 killed between 1912-1917
Page 46: John Mulligan “Iconic Boyle landmark for auction” (Royal Hotel) | “Absence of logic” … our attractions exist in isolation from each other
Page 54: Boyle Town Focus – a roundup of local news and events diary

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