Roscommon County Council Arts Office – First Fortnight


Roscommon County Council Arts Office
First Fortnight, Ireland’s Mental Health Arts & Culture Festival 2021, January 2nd to 17th. Never has there been a stronger time to celebrate the importance of mental health and the power of the arts and community.
Roscommon’s event was pre-recorded in December and will be available on Roscommon Arts Centre website from 11am January 13th and for the remainder of the festival until January 17th. The event was created with artists in mind but is suitable for all.
Psychotherapist Mary Mullins (previous Arts Officer) discusses coping strategies that can help towards the development and maintenance of positive mental health, touching on complex issues such as depression, anxiety, grief, bereavement, loss and stigma surrounding mental health.
This session will engage with writers whose works were shortlisted for the New Roscommon Writing Award 2020 and are relevant to this discussion – Anne Byrne (winner), Helen Cunningham (runner-up), and Margaret Deehan.

The event is presented by Roscommon County Council Arts Office, supported by the Keep Well Community Resilience Campaign.