Rock The Clock Festival – August Bank Holiday 2017

It felt like “the old days” in Boyle when we had annual summer street festivals. Saturday night’s highlights were based outside Mattimoes and Boyle Bridge: bars packed : hundreds on the streets to hear the rock band on an open trailer : a spectacular fireworks display viewable from the bridge and all over town
• Kudos and well done to the festival promoters Aaron Sharkey (Moylurg Inn), Joe Ryan and Barry Simon (Mattimoes).
• Festival highlights will base outside the Moylurg Inn today Sunday 6th August : BBQ, Bouncy Castle, Face Painting, Tug-o-War and music by the Mongrals from 9pm

DSC00531Happy ‘Festivallers’ on Boyle Bridge pictured in this photo

20626807_1906665832879645_4162635538316426508_oFireworks over Boyle Bridge captured in this excellent  photo bo Dermot Leyden (‘Best of Memories’)

20626538_1906665696212992_5048710021519318179_o“Twisted Ninja” performing on an open trailer at Boyle Bridge Photo by Dermot Leyden