Remember when Boyle was a heritage town?

A viewer wrote: “I was delighted to visit Boyle, my hometown recently. While I was delighted to observe many changes since my last visit, I was also disappointed with some aspects of Boyle – the many derelict buildings including The Royal Hotel and empty premises on St. Patrick Street, Main Street and ‘Shop Street’, the Heraldworks and the Courthouse.
My last trip included an appreciation of a Boyle Heritage Day with appropriate stalls through the town. What a pity the Heritage day no longer happens. My youthful memories of Ned Kelly, your town crier with his brass bell calling for attention while announcing events to happen – the donkey carts loaded with turkeys for the Christmas market along Military Road – the Wool collection in the Shambles yard – the fair days on the Crescent – Stephen Maughan on his bike selling eggs, rabbits etc – sleigh riding down the Crescent during the snow season – and a list of things and people as long as your arm that keep me tied to Boyle, The Town I love So Well.”