‘Project Proclamation’.

big mountain productions
Hi Alison, (Clarke Shaughnessy)

‘Project Proclamation’.
Just to recap, we at Big Mountain Productions, with Two Tube and RTÉ 2fm, are inviting 11-17 year olds to create a one-minute film or audio piece, which document or interpret their personal response to Proclamation Day. We’re asking them to tell us what they want to see in Ireland today and for the future.
A selection of the projects we receive will be woven together into a half-hour documentary. Separately, 10 one minute films will be selected for broadcast on Two Tube on RTÉ 2, and 10 audio pieces will be selected for broadcast on 2FM. All the information is on the RTE’s Two Tube Website – twotube.ie. There’s a big ‘Project Proclamation’ button there with all the information you could need.
Kids can film themselves on their phone/ tablet but they should definitely use the cameras they have there tomorrow and they can enter it later on.
Please find attached our press release and jpeg for Facebook. We’d be delighted if you would share it on your own social media sites and with any mailing list you may have for the parade or other groups of young people.
The children involved in the parade are obviously very creative and we’d be delighted if you they would enter a piece for our documentary. We are trying to make sure children from all over Ireland get involved.
Many thanks,
Frank Agnew