Lough Key & Boyle treasure hunt 2020

Happy 2021 to all
Thank you for all who donated to the Mayo Roscommon Hospice Fund this year. We were delighted to reach our target of €1,500. Many thanks to Rhona McGrath for setting up the fundraiser and being a great help throughout the organising process.
A big ‘thank you’ also goes to realboyle.com and boyletoday.com for promoting the treasure hunt and making sure the word got out about it this year. The event wouldn’t have got nearly as much uptake without their help.
With that, I am pleased to announce the winners of the Lough Key & Boyle treasure hunt this year:
Congratulations to Joy and Jill Little who split the first prize of a €200 voucher to Stewart’s Oil with a score of 57 correct answers out of a potential 61.
The second prize of a €50 voucher to Stewart’s Oil goes to Belinda McCauley and the McCauley Clan team.
Well done to everyone for getting out, and especially to all those who walked it throughout the stormy weather. It’s great to see this tradition carrying on and that the interest remained so high in this unusual holiday season. It was really enjoyable to write it and I’m glad that it puzzled and (hopefully) entertained all those who did it.
And speaking of keeping the tradition going… If there is anyone who would be keen to write the clues for next year, please let me know and I would be happy to pass the torch.
Thanks again
Dylan, Catriona & team