Looking after Your Brain

brain imageJoin Dr. Wilma Lourens at Ardcarne Garden Centre, Boyle, Saturday 19th January 11am – 12.30pm for another talk on how to reduce your risk of developing cognitive decline or Alzheimer’s. This talk will focus on the importance of foods, eating patterns and the importance of exercise. Dr. Lourens will also be joined by Raluca Tuluianu, a qualified physical activity coach. €10 per person. To book a place contact Ardcarne Garden Centre Boyle 07196 67091 or just call in on the day.

The chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease increases with age and there is no cure available, it is a fatal condition. The process already starts in early adult life, thus it makes sense for everybody to implement changes that can prevent or delay the disease as early as possible. Dr Dale Bredesen’s research and multifaceted program demonstrated AD can be reversed in early cases. He recently published a paper in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinsonism on 100 patients who followed his program.

In the November talk at Ardcarne Garden Centre, I explained that multiple factors play a role in developing AD. Different contributing factors will affect different people, hence a personalized approach would be necessary, which unfortunately is not a do-it-yourself option. However, everybody can optimize the extremely important contribution food and physical activity have on their brain health.

In the January talk, I will talk about eating, food, timing of meals, protecting and nurturing your microbiome and much more. How physical activity influences the brain will be discussed. It is important to understand what type and how much exercise is necessary. Raluca Tuluianu, a qualified physical activity coach, will address this topic.

Dr. Wilma Lourens