Holy Thursday 2016

Following a day away from base, there is catching up to be done !!
King House Restaurant: Word ‘on the street’ tonight suggests that a Cootehall-based lady has been awarded the franchise for this important location and is likely to reopen the restaurant after mid-April. An official announcement is likely to follow next week.
Maire Paul’s Lecture on Margaret Gillespie Cousins this afternoon was well attended and very well delivered. Sadly I had to miss the event and tendered my apology to Maire, who told me she would dress in suitable attire for the Suffragette Ms Cousins era.
Magees Fashion Shop: Mary and Cathal have created two wonderful contrasting window displays … one a traditional ‘Easter egg + dresses’ window and a fabulous 1916-2016 display featuring memorabilia from the Rising.
Tony Conboy: “An Oblique View” is another of Tony’s excellently observant and well written articles
Eating Out: I enjoyed a tasty breakfast in O’Brien’s at the entrance to Quinnsworth car park, a purposely small lunch (following 1pm Holy Thursday mass) of Smoked Haddock & Veg in Sligo General Hospital, and back in Boyle a great evening meal in the Tai Chi Court Chinese on Bridge Street. My doctor urges me to be careful with my diet, so I hope he doesn’t read this article !!
Boyle Country Meats have some great offers for you for the Easter Weekend. View details in a separate post.
Clarke’s Bar & Restaurant: Open over Easter for your eating out lunches and evening meals.
Poetry Day at King House : Easter Monday Family Day at Lough Gara Stables : Una Bhan notes … and more … Good Friday morning will be a busy one in front of this PC 🙂