Job of the week: 8th December

Ardcarne Garden Centre

Job of the week:

Hippeastrum – perhaps better known as amaryllis – are absolutely spectacular and come in a festive scarlet, just right for Christmas. Plant your bulbs shallowly in a deep pot and you can expect their big, showy blooms to appear around six to eight weeks later. Keep warm – room temperature is perfect – and feed at half-strength with a balanced liquid fertiliser while new growth and flower stems are forming.

• Plant berrying shrubs and trees to provide winter food for wildlife
• Plant Bare-root trees, hedging and fruit. Come and check out our extensive selection.
• Cut stems of blossom from winter-flowering shrubs to bring into the house

Fruit & veg:
• Plant rhubarb – it’s available now as bare-root stools.
• Sow peas in takeaway cartons to grow indoors for delicious peashoots
• Create a windowsill herb garden with potted herbs in pretty containers

• Wipe the leaves of lemon, lime and grapefruit trees with tepid water
• Prune grapes and indoor fruit such as peaches. Clean away any remaining leaves off the ground.
• Check dahlia tubers stored under the greenhouse staging

Around the garden:
• Turn soil in dry spells to bring pest larvae to the surface
• Put up compost bins ready to fill through the season
• Clean green algae from paths with a pressure washer or treat with Patio Magic patio cleaner.