Hens & Stags could benefit Boyle positively

On Saturday evening I was delighted to noticeĀ an unusual ‘boat-load’ of visitors at Boyle Harbour. Their pill-box white sailor caps and happy attitude needed ‘ further investigation’. I was told “We are a group of friends on a stag party for a fellow ‘mate’ who will get married soon. We decided to avoid the hurdy-gurdy of Stags & Hens in Carrick in favour of a cruiser boat trip to Lough Key and Boyle Harbour” Later in the evening this well-behaved group of friends walked to Boyle seeking whatever restaurants and bars might cater forĀ their youthful appetites. These were not beer-swilling louts swaggering around town … just a bunch of intelligent young men celebrating a team-building group ethic.
The question remains: “Is Boyle ready, willing and able to develop its own niche, boat-gifting Stags & Hens mark