Heavy rain raises fears of flooding in Co Roscommon

Residents in the Lough Funshinagh area of Co Roscommon have said heavy rain overnight is now threatening to flood a number of houses in the area.  

Roscommon County Council is putting in place measures to try to raise local roads and pump out flood water in the Ballagh area.  

Overnight, 20-22mm of rain has led to the deterioration of conditions on the lake, which is a natural turlough nearby.  

Residents say that Lough Funshinagh, which normally disappears, has not reduced in levels for a number of years now and is a constant threat to homes in the area.

Over the last ten days residents of one house have already be evacuated and another home is under threat today.  

Locals say the failure to restore this turlough to its natural levels, through a simple overflow pipe into the River Shannon, is now hitting the area badly and is not only affecting residents and local people but wiping out wildlife and the environment.