Govt. recognises trauma of those born in homes – Martin

The Taoiseach has told CNN that the Government recognises the trauma of those born in mother-and-baby homes and is seeking to make amends.

Micheál Martin said the Government is looking at a “restorative recognition scheme” along with other recommendations in an “urgent and effective way”. 

Responding to CNN’s Christiane Amanpour he said the Government is listening to the needs of survivors and is keen to learn lessons regarding future public policy. 

Mr Martin said he was clear in his apology last week and in other statements since, that the Church bears heavy responsibility for what occurred, as does the State. 

The State, he said, did not protect mothers, babies or children born in these homes. 

“I think we’ve to do everything we can in the present day so that mothers and children have full access to information”, he said.