Gardening tasks for this week

Job of the week: Move shrubs and perennials

Take a look around the garden and see if any of your plants have outgrown their space as now is the time that they can be safely moved to a new position. Remember to keep as much root as possible on the plant and transplant it immediately into its new location. Take the opportunity to prune off any dead or weak stems. Old badly shaped shrubs will also usually rejuvenate from a hard prune after transplanting.


Prune hardy fuchsias, cutting hard back to 15cm above ground level
Plant new shrubs and roses into soil enriched with Envirogrind planting compost.
Cut back deciduous grasses, taking care not to damage emerging shoots

Fruit & veg:

Apply a general purpose fertiliser to fruit trees, bushes and cane fruit
Protect blossom on apricots, nectarines and peaches from frost using fleece
Prepare asparagus beds by digging in well-rotted farmyard manure


Sow chillies in a heated propagator set at 21°C
Repair broken panes of glass, damaged doors and vents to keep out frosts
Clean heated propagators ready for sowing

Around the garden:

Clean slippery paths and patios with Stontex outdoor cleaner.
Finish cutting back hedges before birds begin nesting so you don’t disturb them
Keep feeding the birds – especially in frosty weather when their natural food sources are scarce.