Garda Open Day – L.Key Forest Park Monday 7th August 2017

The day was dry, sunny, full of spectacle, good cheer, and a hugely successful first Garda Open Day in the Park

Long gone are the days when there seemed to be a gap between our Gardai and the public. Nowadays, thankfully ‘Community Policing’ is the mantra for our excellent young and not-so-young Gardai – male and female – we can feel safe and well protected by an educated, caring police force.
Things I didn’t know until today
1. the Belgian Malinois police dog can run at 40mph and jump up to 10ft high
2. The Garda Boat rib shown is powered by dual 125 horsepower engines.
3. You can protect your smartphone if has been stolen from you … and much more …
P8071736Gardai with Louise Fitzpatrick, manager L.Key Visitor Centre
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