Galilee Community events

Taize Prayer
There will be an hour of Taize Prayer in Galilee Community on Friday, 27th May from 9:00-10:00pm.
Galilee Community Pilgrimage to Mercy International
Join us to celebrate the Year of Mercy in Pilgrimage. We are planning a pilgrimage to Mercy International, Baggot Street, Dublin on Wednesday June 8th.
The bus will leave Boyle Church Parking area at 8:00am. The theme of the day is based on Pope Francis’s invitation to all of us to take opportunities during year to grow in MERCY through prayer and pilgrimage. The day will include prayer at the door of Mercy, a tour of the house, video and input from some of the Mercy staff. Total cost is €35, which includes lunch and tea on arrival. Bus will leave Mercy International at 4:30pm for return journey. Booking essential. Booking fee is €10 to be paid by May 30th. For further information contact Galilee Community at 071 966 4101.