“Free” car parking in Boyle?

Once upon a time we used to take pride in Boyle’s offer of “Free Parking”. However, those halcyon days are long gone as the spectre of parking regulations spreads through the Elphin Street/Rail Station parts of town. Boyle rail station was the first to introduce parking charges and included ‘double yellows’ on the approach road. Then came the one-hour restriction on parts of Elphin Street.
The SuperValu (private) Car Park is the latest location to install restrictions, with a time cap on parking. Apparently a member of staff, complete with clipboard can be seen noting parked cars and issuing a note to time transgressors. A hair-do, something to eat and weekly shop might well take more than the said time cap!
Our Chamber of Commerce and Town Team, Boyle TM and Roscommon Co Council might need to look at the possibility of providing a free car parking area in the Elphin Street part of town so that our notion of “Free Parking in Boyle” is maintained.