Feighan welcomes reopening of N61 road near Boyle



Senator Frank Feighan has welcomed today’s reopening of the the N61 stretch of road near Boyle, which was subject to major safety works.   

“I am delighted that the major road safety works being carried out on this part of the N61 has finished.  I am very pleased that the reopening of the road has brought to to an end the diversion via Frenchpark and of course that will mean very good news for many affected motorists. It will also lead to reduced journey times.

“These safety improvement works near Boyle has seen the realignment of approximately 2.7km of road on two sections of the N61 at Treanagry and Rathallen.

“I fully acknowledge that many motorists have been inconvenienced as a result of these works but significantly, this scheme has removed two very dangerous bends along this route, which have been in existence since the foundation of the State.

“In the last Government, I was very pleased to have secured the €7m in funding required to carry out these major realignment works. It’s also important to remember that there were major spin-offs from this N61 project; 90% of the materials were sourced within an 18 mile radius of Boyle.

“Following the completion of this project, I will continue to seek and secure more funding to further improve more sections of this very busy national secondary road.”