Favourite Irish Recipes

Mostly traditional Irish Recipes, but including a few for the “Ireland-of-today”!

Apple Jelly – Well-flavoured jelly is easy to make and will keep – if given a chance! [here…]
Barmbrack – Traditional Irish bread with added fruit. [here…]
Beef Burgers with Pepper Sauce. [here…]
Beef Guinness Stew – A delicious stew with Guinness. [here…]
Boxty – Boxty ‘the’ traditional potato dish. [here…]
Blackberry Sorbet – A fresh fruit sorbet is a nice, refreshing finish to any meal. [here…]
Corned Beef and Cabbage – Corned beef is pickled brisket, topside or silverside. [here…]
Coddle – This is a popular dish, especially in Dublin. [here…]
Irish Breakfast – The tasty way to start a day. [here…]
Irish Coffee & Irish Whiskey – Irish Coffee and Hot Whiskey. [here…]
Irish Stew – Irish Stew, cooked slowly is both flavoursome and tender. [here…]
Champ – Champ is a simple warming dish which is cheap, easy to produce and filling. [here…]
Chilli Con Carne – Made the traditional way …before Uncle Ben’s jars. [here…]
Chocolate Cake – There’s a surprising, very Irish ingredient in the cake mixture itself. [here…]
Gooseberry Crumble – This dish is an easily prepared and economical dessert. [here…]
Leek & Potato Soup – The basis of a good soup is a good stock. [here…]
‘Limerick Ham’ – ‘Limerick Ham’ is a cured leg of pork, plus flavour enhancers. [here…]
Pancakes – Delicious at any time of the year. [here…]
Porter Cake – Probably it should be called Guinness Cake. [here…]
Potato Bread – Also known as fadge or potato cake. [here…]
Soda Bread – This bread is popular throughout Ireland. [here…]
Spaghetti Carbonara – This rich Italian dish is popular in Ireland. [here…]
Spaghetti Bolognaise – A teatime favourite [here…]
Thai Beef Curry – A choice for many in Ireland nowadays …try it! [here…]