Easter Vigil Mass 26th March 2016


Following a period of intense rehearsals, St. Joseph’s New Choir performed for the first time in public at the 9.30pm Easter Vigil Mass in Boyle. The large congregation loved the joyous, multi-part harmonies and voiceings of a group of close to 60 of our esteemed singers and piano accompaniment by the always-excellent Anne Kielty. A special insert was the newly composed ‘Celtic’ piece performed by Bernard Flaherty on concert flute and Frankie Simon on keyboards.
While the church was in darkness for a large section of the ceremony. our altar and sanctuary were specially lit as you can see from the photo below, giving celebrant Canon Gerry Hanly and his Abbey College student assistants (coached by our own Frank O’Mahoney), Clerics and Eucharistic Ministers a wonderful ‘stage’ on which to relate the Story of Easter..


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