Brogans “Wild Oats” Health Store is now open


A great new addition to the Boyle shopping experience is the well stocked “Wild Oats Health Store”. Brogan’s totalhealth Pharmacy Health Store is located adjacent to Brogans Pharmacy on Shop Street. Wild Oats stock a comprehensive range of foods, vitamins and minerals.
Anne is a qualified Nutritional Therapist who believes that many health conditions can be helped through food and nutrition. She is passionate and experienced in helping people with weight loss, digestive issues, energy and much more. Let Anne advise you on good foods that can increase your health and well-being the natural way.
Michelle is a Holistic Health Practitioner who can provide various wellness therapies. Michelle knows the importance of combining the western approach with the complementary approach. She believes the body works in unison and therefore should be treated as such. It should be treated holistically.

P0004094Michelle O’Connor, Pat Brogan and Anne Gilligan