Boyle Whisper – Roscommon Herald – new location

It has been well flagged that Boyle staff at the Roscommon Herald will move to a new location in the town. Whispers suggest that a number of premises have been looked at as the Herald’s potential new ‘home’, including four on Bridge Street and two on Main Street.
• Herald editor Christina McHugh wrote last February: In relation to your recent posting regarding the Roscommon Herald could I just clarify for your readers that while we will vacate our existing offices at the end of this year we remain committed to Boyle and will  be moving to an alternative office location in the town from January 2017.  The Roscommon Herald has been part of the fabric of Boyle life since 1859 and with the support of the entire community will continue to remain a strong, trusted presence in the town delivering a quality product on a weekly basis. All our staff contribute to the economic life of Boyle town and we are proud supporters of a range of community initiatives. I am happy to put the record straight for your readers