Boyle Town Centre Public Realm Enhancement Project

“The Boyle Town Centre Public Realm Enhancement Project has been developed with the overriding aim of realising the potential of the town centre to become a more central part of community life within the town by increasing the volume and quality of interactions with the town spaces and developing a new town centre based pedestrian culture:

Boyle Town Centre Public Realm Enhancement Project has been developed to include:

  • Provision of new parking arrangements and the introduction of shared spaces and amenity areas in the Crescent area
  • Improvement and provision of redesigned paved areas along Bridge Street and Shop Street to improve pedestrian infrastructure along with new surfaces, lighting, hard and soft landscaping and street furniture in this town centre area.
  • Redesign of the existing public car park adjacent to the Post Office to address existing car parking arrangements and provide a newly designed car park for safer pedestrian and traffic movement and improved landscaping and surfacing to enhance the visual amenity of this area along with all other site and ancillary works associated with the above.

This project aims to create a significant transformation in the heart of Boyle through reimagined, active and attractive spaces within the heart of the town. The works will provide a functionally diverse urban centre, focused on shared, safe spaces, serving both the pedestrian and vehicle.  The proposed development will have a positive impact upon the economic, social and physical environment of Boyle and will encourage a greater level of investment to be steered towards the town centre. This will help to sustain and enhance both the business and resident population within the town and secure a path towards the vision of a resilient and vibrant Boyle community. “

Boyle Town Team, who are engaged with Roscommon County Council on this exciting project, would encourage members of the public to drop into King House for this pre-planning consultation on Friday, September 11th between 1pm and 3pm to see the plans and outline their views.

The Team believe that this town centre enhancement, added to by further enhancement projects that are planned for other parts of the town and the redevelopment of the Royal Building will greatly improve the town centre and in the process, make Boyle more visually appealing to locals and visitors alike.