Boyle Local Area Plan 2015-2021 [read here…]

Issues noted in the Roscommon Co Council Boyle Local Area Plan 2015 – 2021, Effective from 21st December, 2015 may well influence some future developments in Boyle.
Boyle River has flooded in recent years, and as a result sales of town centre (and other) properties on existing Floodplains with consequent Flood Risk may be affected. 
Boyle Strengths: Strong opportunities for a tourism base in the town. Boyle is well placed to benefit from a healthy tourism industry;  Historical value and heritage value of Boyle; Evidence of some new businesses opening – for example new restaurants; Chris O’Dowd has helped put Boyle on the map and has increased the number of visitors to the area; Redevelopment initiatives are a positive for the town – for example the rejuvenation of the Court House.
Boyle Weaknesses: No hotel; Many shops closed and shop fronts are not appealing; Too many residents are going out of the town to shop and work; Approach roads to the town need to be improved; Footpath provision need to be improved and extended; General streetscape improvements are required; The tourism opportunities are not being fully explored; Lack of linkages between Lough Key Forest Park and Boyle.
Royal Hotel: There is doubt now that a positive outcome exists for development of the Royal Hotel site and any other built on the banks of Boyle River. It appears that Planning and Insurance costs may be issues of major importance.