Boyle Dog Show – Boyle Horse & Summer Show

Boyle Dog Show was held on last Sunday – 21st. August in conjunction with Boyle Horse & Summer Show at The Showgrounds, The Warren, Boyle with over 40 dogs competing for the prizes.

Results are as follows ;

1. Any Variety Puppy. 1st – Jessica Wright, Boyle. 2nd . – Joseph Botton, Fairymount. 3rd. – Yvonne Caden, Castlerea.
2. Best Retriever or Labrador. 1st. – Jo Gurney, Geevagh. 2nd. – Laura Reynolds, Battlebridge. 3rd. – Rebecca McKeon, Boyle.
3. Best Setter or Pointer. 1st. – Kathy Hannon, Ballymote. 2nd. – Joseph Botton, Fairymount, 3rd. – Alan Flynn, Corrigeenroe.
4. Best Spaniel. 1st. – Kathy Kelly Hannon, Ballymote. 2nd. – Yvonne Moloney, Boyle. 3rd. – Simon Archer, Boyle.
5. Best Pomeranian 1st. – Kathleen Hannon, Boyle. 2nd. – Kate Cadman, Keash. 3rd. – Kathleen Hannon, Boyle.
6. Any Variety Toy Dog. 1st. – Aileen Higgins, Boyle. 2nd. – Michelle Walsh, Boyle. 3rd. – Callum Higgins, Boyle.
7. Any Variety Utility Dog. 1st. – Yvonne Caden, Castlerea.
8. Best Jack Russell Terrier 1st. – Aoife Sherlock, Ballygawley, 2nd. – Stacey Gallagher. 3rd. – Aoife Gallagher, Ballygawley.
9. Any Other Variety Terrier. 1st. – Poppy Gurney, Geevagh. 2nd. – Ciaran Sheerin, Boyle.
10. Best Border or Rough Collie 1st. – Niamh Gardiner, Knockvicar, Boyle.
11. Any Variety Guard Dog 1st. – Ciaran Sheerin, Lowparks, Boyle.
12. Best Working Dog 1st. – Yvonne Caden, Castlerea. 2nd. – Janice McBride, Ballinameen. Joint 3rd. – Jo Gurney, Geevagh & Rebecca Cunnane,B/mote.
13. Any Variety Hound. 1st. – Caroline Brennan, Boyle. 2nd. – Billy Lennon, Longford. 3rd. – Billy Lennon, Longford.
14. Any Variety Foreign Breed 1st. – Yvonne Caden, Castlerea. 2nd. – Jo Gurney, Geevagh. 3rd. – Poppy Gurney, Geevagh.
15. Any Variety Mixed Breed 1st. – Daniel Duffy, Kingsland. 2nd. – Rebecca Cunnane, Ballymote. 3rd. – Kieran Scanlon, Boyle.
16. Best Groomed Dog. 1st. – Michelle Walsh, Boyle. 2nd. – Callum Higgins, Boyle. 3rd. – Aileen Higgins, Boyle.
17. Dog In Fancy Dress 1st. – Aoife Sherlock, Ballygawley. Jt. 2nd. – Jo Gurney & Jo Gurney. Jt. 3rd. –Yvonne Cadden & Poppy Gurney.
18. Ladies Handling of Dog. 1st. – Janice McBride, Ballinameen. 2nd. – Yvonne Cadden, Castlerea. 3rd. – Jo Gurney, Geevagh.
19. Gents Handling of Dog 1st. – Joseph Botton, Fairymount. 2nd. – Kevin Hannon, Ballymote. 3rd. – Michael Walsh, Boyle.
20. Children Handling of Dog. 1st. – Janice McBride, Ballinameen. 2nd. – Leah Lynch, Knockvicar. 3rd. – Aileen Higgins, Boyle. Highly Commended – Daniel
Duffy, Isobella Botton, David Rajdl, Rebecca McKeon, Rebecca Cunnane, Yvonne Moloney, Leah McCawley & Dillon
21. Dog Confined to Boyle Parish. 1st. – Ciaran Sheerin, Lowparks. 2nd. – Yvonne Moloney, Forest View. 3rd. – Nance Hayden, Drum, Boyle.
22. Dog the Judge Would Like to take Home. 1st. – Jo Gurney, Geevagh. 2nd. – Aaron Gavin, Boyle. 3rd. – Enrico Pasrorelu, Corrigeenroe.

23. CHAMPION DOG OF THE SHOW : Yvonne Caden, Castlerea.
Reserve Champion Dog Of The Show : Caroline Brennan, Carrick Road, Boyle. 3rd Place To Champion Dog Of The Show : Kathy Kelly Hannon, Lavagh, Ballymote.

GUN DOG Qualifier To All Ireland : Joseph Botton, Fairymount, Castlerea.