Boyle Chamber Lotto of €18,140 – the winner – Denise Ryan

Boyle Chamber Lotto Winner

Denise Ryan and her mother Sheila were overjoyed last Monday night on hearing they had the Winning numbers in the Boyle Chamber Lotto with a prize pool of €18140. The winning numbers were 10,14,19 & 29. Denise moved to Boyle 9 years ago from Tipperary and has already plans made to spend her share of the lotto. Denise buys a weekly ticket for the Boyle Chamber Lotto for as long as she can remember, and has an agreement with her Mother to share any fortune they win. Her mother Sheila buys a weekly ticket to the GAA Portroe lotto in Tipperary and likewise they agree to share that too, if their lucky numbers come up! Denise is already planning to visit her family in Australia with her share of the winnings while Sheila is planning to invest in a new car, which will allow her more frequent trips to visit Denise and her family in Boyle.