Ardcarne Garden Centre : What to do in your garden this week


Saturday 24th September: Make the most of your Polytunnel in Autumn. FREE Event 11am-12 noon
Saturday 24th September: Children’s Bulb Planting FREE Event 2pm-3pm : 5-10 year olds
Saturday 1st October: Introduction to Beekeeping : 11-12 in Boyle : 2..30-3.30 Roscommon : FREE Event : All Welcome

Job of the week: Spot treat perennial weeds

The worst perennial weeds, like ground elder, bindweed and couch grass, are beginning to draw nutrients down to the roots ready for winter dormancy, so it’s the ideal time to apply a dose of glyphosate-based weedkiller, such as RoundUp or WeedFree. The plants will suck it down into their roots too, giving it all winter to do its worst.

• Plant bulbs such as daffodils to naturalise in areas of long grass
• Support tall late-flowering perennials like asters and perennial sunflowers
• Pick up and bin rose leaves affected by blackspot so the disease doesn’t overwinter
Fruit & veg:
• Remove mildewed courgette leaves regularly to keep plants cropping
• Clear ground from vegetables once they have finished cropping. Dig over the soil for the frost to break down.
• Plant autumn onion sets and garlic now for early crops next year.
• Finish picking tomatoes and ripen any green fruit indoors
• Bring some chard plants indoors under cover in a pot for winter pickings
• If you have a large glasshouse or tunnel consider planting a young fig tree.
Around the garden:
• Cover bare soil in vacated beds with black polythene to keep out winter weeds
• Inspect pot-grown plants for white vine weevil grubs
• Remove dying plants from ponds to keep the water clear