Ardcarne Garden Centre – What to do in your garden this week:

Job of the week: Plant bare-root fruit trees
Take advantage of the bare-root season to plant great value fruit trees. You’ll find all your favourite varieties and especially those that perform exceptionally well locally. Look out for Apple Katy and Apple Discovery among the selection – both dessert varieties that are simply outstanding croppers.
Finish planting your tulip bulbs, planting twice as deep as the bulb
Plant hellebores for a burst of colour in spring
Train ivy over a topiary frame for a fun garden feature
Fruit & veg:
Remove bird netting from raspberries and store for next year.
Winter prune apple and pear trees for maximum fruit harvests next year
Plant raspberry canes in well-manured soil 45-60cm apart
Cut back on watering houseplants, keeping the compost just moist
Bring begonias, dahlias and cannas indoors once foliage yellows
Use a glasshouse electric heater to keep air dry and frost-free
Around the garden:
Feed the birds and check that they have clean water. You’ll find a huge selection of bird food and bird care accessories at Ardcarne Garden Centre.
Remove pond pumps and carry out annual maintenance
Rake up the last of the leaves and add them to the compost heap.