Ardcarne Garden Centre: What To Do This Week : 9th-15th May

Ardcarne Garden Centre

What To Do This Week:
Spring can be a busy time in the garden – and things don’t always go to plan. So if your seedlings came a cropper, or you didn’t get around to sowing, drop by the garden centre and stock up on ready-grown veg plants.
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Re-fresh containers now with new bedding plants for fabulous summer displays
Tie in climbing roses as near to horizontal as possible to encourage more flowers
Prune forsythia as soon as it’s finished flowering
Fruit & veg:
Last chance to sow seed potatoes – some maincrop varieties are still available and can be planted now into compost enriched soil.
Pot on veg seedlings into individual pots as they grow
Water newly-planted fruit bushes, canes and trees regularly in dry weather
Plant tomatoes, pepper plants and cucumbers into the greenhouse or polytunnel
Pot up dahlias and other tender bulbs to bring them back into growth
Sow salad crops for a succession of fresh pickings
Around the garden:
Clean water features, scrubbing out algae and debris with a stiff brush
Treat lawn weeds with Dicophar selective weedkiller, which kills the weeds without harming the grass.
Look out for black sooty mould on leaves – a sure sign of aphid infestation


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