Ardcarne Garden Centre – this week

Job of the week: Sow some seeds

The excitement of watching seeds that you’ve sown germinate never diminishes no matter how long you’ve been gardening. Now is the time to get sowing – many flowers and vegetables can be sown directly outside, others prefer to be sown indoors and planted out later. Come and see the amazing selection of seeds we have this season and you’ll find everything else you need from compost to seed trays and the all important labels!


Plant new in-season roses from this season’s selection on sale in the garden centre
Finish cutting back any dead stems or leaves from last years perennials.
Pop spring-flowering perennials like pulmonaria into borders for instant colour

Fruit & veg:

Finish pruning gooseberries, red and white currants
Harvest the last of the winter crops and compost any debris
Cover vulnerable new potato shoots with double layers of fleece on cold nights


Keep glass clean so seedlings get the maximum amount of light
Start dahlias in pots of compost and plant outside after the last frost
Prune and repot overwintered pelargoniums

Around the garden:

Get slug and snail defences into place before vulnerable seedlings and new perennial growth appears
Remove weeds from paving and gravel before they establish
Feed large containers and top up with fresh compost