Ardcarne Garden Centre : 18th – 23rd April

Ardcarne Garden Centre

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Job of the week: Look out for aphids on the march
Greenfly and blackfly are coming out in force as the weather warms and if you let them build up their numbers they can do a lot of damage as they suck at the sap. They prefer soft, succulent growth so check plants regularly for signs of yellowing, puckering and distortion. Other signs include sooty mould – secondary infections of black fungal growth on the aphids’ deposits of honeydew. Squish them on sight, or spray with a pyrethrum-based insecticide.
Create an alpine trough with a selection of miniature plants from the garden centre
Thin out hardy annuals sown last month
Feed spring-flowering bulbs as they die down
Fruit & veg:
Plant second-early and maincrop seed potatoes
Feed permanent plants like artichokes with slow-release fertilisers
Put supports in place for climbing beans and peas
Sow basil and other tender herbs under cover
Water at the base of plants to avoid splashing foliage and attracting fungal disease
Put up supports for cucumbers and melons
Around the garden:
Add to existing pond displays with new marginal and bog plants
Rake out patches of rough grass from the lawn
Prune out frost-damaged plant material once the worst of winter is over

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