Ardcarne Garden Centre – What to do – 2nd to 8th May

Ardcarne Garden Centre

Job of the week: Plant up summer containers

The weather is still a bit chilly, but you can start planting up summer containers provided you cover the pots with a bit of Horticultural Fleece or bring them indoors on cold nights. Some bedding plants are also that bit hardier than others such as Marguerite daisies, geraniums, campanulas and Senetti daisies which will tolerate cooler temperatures.
Always make sure you use fresh compost such as Professional multi-purpose or Tub & Basket compost for your pots each year to avoid any problems with pests or diseases overwintering in the old compost and also to ensure your new plants have plenty of fertiliser.

Harden off sweet pea seedlings or buy young plants and plant out at the feet of sturdy canes
Sow hardy annuals such as nasturtiums, cosmos and calendula directly outside for easy summer colour.
Protect emerging perennials such as phlox and hostas from slugs and snails.
Fruit & veg:
Protect brassicas against pigeons with netting cages
Pinch out chilli plants to help them grow bushy
Earth up new potato shoots as they emerge above ground
Harden greenhouse seedlings off carefully in a cold frame before planting out
Plants tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers in the greenhouse now, protect on chilly nights with fleece.
Hang up yellow sticky traps to catch flying pests
Around the garden:
Start mowing the lawn more frequently as weather warms and feed with highly recommended HumberPalmers lawn fertilser if not done already.
Feed all outdoor plants such as trees, shrubs, roses and perennials with Chicken Manure Pellets.
Hoe regularly during dry, sunny weather to keep weeds at bay

• FREE Summer Container Planting Demonstration
Ardcarne Garden Centre, Boyle and Roscommon Town Saturday 14th May 11.30am – 12.30pm

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