Ardcarne Garden Centre – Jobs for the week – April 10th to 17th

Ardcarne Garden Centre

Jobs for the week:
Plant summer flowering bulbs: Lilies, ornamental alliums, gladioli, dahlias and begonias are the stars of the garden during the summer and now is the time to plant their bulbs either in the ground or start them off in pots.
• Flowers:
Tie in stems of climbing and rambler roses
Spring clean flower borders, collecting debris and cutting back damaged perennials
Prune forsythia as soon as they have finished flowering
• Fruit & veg:
Tuck cabbage root fly collars around cabbage seedlings
Cover veg beds with clear polythene to warm the soil
Ventilate cloches on warm days so seedlings don’t overheat
• Greenhouse:
Plant tomatoes and cucumbers but protect from frost on cold nights.
Damp down the greenhouse floor on warm days.
Pot on sweet peppers regularly so they don’t get pot bound
• Around the garden:
Mulch bare soil with well-rotted manure to feed plants and keep weeds down
Have horticultural fleece handy to throw over vulnerable plants in late frosts
Clean out water features, scrubbing with a stiff brush then rinsing before refilling

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