Ardcarne Garden Centre 16th-26th May

Ardcarne Garden Centre

Job of the week: Support taller perennials
The stems of tall-growing perennials like paeonies need support to stop them bowing over or even breaking when in full flower and now is the time to put them in. Use metal plant support hoops or for individual spires, like delphiniums, sink a bamboo cane deeply into the ground by each shoot and tie them in as they grow.

• Sow aquilegias and lupins in pots in a sheltered spot. Look out for the NEW WEST COUNTRY LUPIN PLANTS in stoock right now!
• Plant sweet peas outside at the feet of cane wigwams
• Watch out for slugs and snails on newly planted bedding, perennials and vegetable plants.
Fruit & veg:
• Remove cloches, starting gradually by opening the ends only
• Keep planting salads little and often, sowing half a row every three weeks
• Pull rhubarb stems as required, taking the older stems first.
• Plant chillies to grow under cover all season for fiery autumn fruits
• Leave a full watering can in the greenhouse overnight to warm the water
• Prick out April-sown seedlings as soon as they form a pair of ‘true’ leaves
Around the garden:
• Turn compost with a fork to keep it aerated
• Clip back new growth on topiary to keep it compact and neat
• Lift and divide pond plants and add new ones if required