Ardcarne Garden Centre • Job of the week

Ardcarne Garden Centre
• Job of the week: Plant bluebells & spring bulbs
This is a great time to plant bulbs for adding a splash of colour to your garden and containers next spring. You’ll find a huge range now at Ardcarne Garden Centre, including tulips, daffodils, alliums, crocus, fritillarias and a range of bulbs for naturalising such as Bluebells and Snowdrops.
• Flowers:
Trim back lavender if you haven’t done so already.
Plant Hyacinths in pots of free-draining compost
Plant new perennials into beds so they can put down new roots before winter
• Fruit & veg:
Continue to harvest crops as they mature.
Store onions that have been dried, plaiting them into strings
Apply barrier glue or grease bands to fruit trees against winter moth
• Greenhouse:
Reduce watering and feeding as plants are growing more slowly
Bring tender plants indoors for winter
Watch out for vine weevil grubs in the soil as they’ll be eating roots
• Around the garden:
Re-seed bare patches in the lawn while the weather is still warm
Give evergreen hedges a final trim while there’s still time for recovery before winter
Cut back early flowering perennials that have already died back for the winter. Compost all the old stems and leaves.