Additions to the website

When I upgraded earlier this year, I left behind some pages from the old HTML website. These were ones from the 2003 version of the site. I have re-published them now and they can be accessed from the site menu bar above -or- as follows:
► Legend of Úna Bhán [here…] Irish Recipes [here…] Paddy Jokes 1 & 2 [here…] Religious Jokes 1 & 2 [here…] and Paddy’s Rules with its sub-headings Paddy’s Golden Rules, Murphy’s Law, Words of Wisdom and paraprosdokian examples [here…] Of course you probably have your own paraprosdokian examples !! Old Irish Proverbs [here…] Insults (nasty!!) [here…]
► Coming Soon: “The Bluffer’s Guide To Boyle” … a compendium of historical and other facts about Boyle that you will find educational and ready to display how well you know our town!