Abbey Community College Transition Year – 1st Year – Global Citizenship Education Project

Abbey Community College Transition Year – 1st Year – Global Citizenship Education Project

ACC Fairtrade Bags

Transition Year students and First Year students recently collaborated on a project which has been funded by World Wise Global Schools.

It is important to understand that the small changes and the decisions we make can have a major impact on people living in poorer parts of the world. An example of this is buying Fair Trade products. Therefore, to get the conversation started and start raising awareness about this project we gave each student participating in the project a banana and a Cadburys chocolate bar, both Fair Trade products.

What is the project about?
The project is about raising awareness and understanding of the rapidly changing, interdependent and unequal world in which we live in. Students were put into groups of approximately 2 first year students and 2 transition year students in each group. Students researched a topic and designed a poster around the information they have researched and gathered.

The project was based on topics such as the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, Non-Governmental Organisations to topics such as Fair Trade.
On completion of this project two groups who have put in the most work and produce the best posters won a goodie bag filled with Fair Trade treats. Each student in each group was given a “goodie” bag.

The goodie bags themselves have come from the Philippines, they have been made from recycled drink pouches (similar to Capri Sun pouches). The WOW Bags (Wonders of Waste) have been gathered, washed and all completely hand sewn by women in the Philippines. ALL of the money raised from each bag purchase goes back directly to these women.

The Fair Trade products in the bags include:
SuperValu Reserve Gold Teabags
SuperValu Coffee
Bewleys Hot Chocolate
Variety pack of Cadbury’s Chocolate
4pack of Mars Chocolate bars.