Roscommon Herald

Editor Christina McHugh wrote: “Sean, Today a new door opens for the Roscommon Herald with our, by now, well documented move from our base on Patrick Street to the old AIB building on Bridge Street. As we open the door to our future, we take a deep breath, step on through and start a new chapter in our lives.

As editor of the Roscommon Herald and now the longest-serving member of staff,  I have to say that this is an emotional day and yes, today, the hand of history weighs heavy.  However, as your readers will testify the only thing a person can ever really do is keep moving forward. Today we take that big leap forward without hesitation, without looking back.  We won’t forget our past but we must focus on the future.

Much has been said in some quarters about our link with the past being severed.  However, the reality is that our link with Boyle remains well and truly solid, we have simply moved streets. In fact the Herald has moved to many streets during its long and proud history, starting off from the Crescent, moving on to Main Street before finding its home in the old spool factory on Patrick Street.  Indeed we also found a home in Deerpark for a number of months.  To our neighbours and friends on Patrick Street we thank you for your well wishes and your support and friendship over the years.  To all of you we say, we have not gone away we are just around the corner and please feel free to come in and say hello at any time.  To our new neighbours and friends on Bridge Street we also says thanks for your good wishes and for your patience as we moved up and own the street over the last few days.  Please do come in and say hello.  Once we manage to find the kettle in the myriad of boxes we will put it on for you!

The Roscommon Herald has changed over the years, but so too have rural communities.   Like all other businesses we have had to change and adapt.  In order to survive and thrive our remit is now much broader and wider than it was in 1859 when the ‘Boyle Herald’ was an eight-page broadsheet.  Today we are producing an average of  120 tabloid pages for a wider audience each week. I am a passionate believer in the future of rural Ireland.  I am a passionate believer in the future of  local newspapers. Despite the many slings and arrows directed at us, sometimes from outside, but  at times from inside our own communities, we refuse to let them deal us a final blow.  In the Roscommon Herald we support and sponsor a myriad of local events.  Our staff, numbering 14 in total just for the record, contributes in many forms to the economic life of this town.  Yes, it’s true that not all of them work out of the Boyle office, but the majority of us do.  Just like we contribute to the economic life of this town, we too need your support.  Rural communities must rely on each other.  In a rapidly changing digital world it is easy to lose sight of what makes this town and county a great place in which to live and work.

Finally Sean, I would like to thank you for your good wishes and support. Be assured we are not saying goodbye, but hello. Hello to a new adventure.”